New Direct Replacement teeth for KVX

New direct replacement parts for KVX reversible bolt-on TOOTH.
The FUTURA range for KVX tooth includes 3 part numbers:

  • FVX2BM27
    Compatible with KVX 131202 tooth. 
    Uses Metric bolts BK-27060 (OEM 35068) for assembly. Size M27 BOLT M27x60.
    For use with excavators (6 to 9 tons)
  • FVX2BM36
    Compatible with KVX 131203 tooth. 
    Uses Metric bolts BK-36077 (OEM 035073H) for assembly. Size M36 BOLT M36x77.
    For use with excavators (10 to 17 tons)
  • FVX2BM48
    Compatible with KVX 131206 tooth. 
    Uses Metric bolts BK-48100 (OEM 138829H) for assembly. Size M48 BOLT M48x100.
    For use with excavators (18 to 24 tons)
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More information (.pdf file)
Futura_Kvx_bolt-on tooth

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