Proven performance

FUTURA tooth design significantly extend tooth wear life and maintains their sharpness without reducing tooth resistance

  • Extended lateral and central ribs: 
    Maintain penetration shape, reinforce box strenght and protect pin
  • Extra wear material on central and lateral ribs contribute to self-sharpening effect.
  • Extra wear material on tooth tip and central rib providing superior penetration shape and maintaining pocket integrity. 
  • Recessed pocket help material flow,

More than 89% of wear steel is consumed on FUTURA worn teeth compared to new ones. Thanks to its optimal design more than 68% of steel has been used without losing teeth sharpness

FUTURA teeth are generally heavier than competitor’s teeth in the same category size and models. The additional steel has been added in key areas where the tooth is subject to wear

FUTURA RANGE has approximately 20% more usable wear material than other similar systems in the market. It is not just the length of the tooth or the percentage over the total weight. What really counts is the total wear material weight. You can find high ratios, but less weight means fewer cycles achieved.

FUTURA teeth last many more cycles 

futura tooth
Picture shows a worn tooth superimposed over a new one.


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