Caterpillar 6040: FUTURA Parts at work

Technical details: Machine CAT 6040 | Mineral: IRON ORE FUTURA MINER parts: FM 920 RCX tooth FM1100-920 IA Intermediate Adapters FM1100-920 WC and FM1100 WC Wear caps FUTURA BUCKET PROTECTION parts: F160X450 LS, F160X450 LSLH and F160X450 LSRH Lip Shrouds Continue reading Caterpillar 6040: FUTURA Parts at work

FUTURA Roll Bars

FUTURA roll bars are manufactured with 20% more wear material in the wear area and the welding plate than other standard roll bars. The FUTURA roll bars are specially designed to protect the edge of the bucket. The extra wear material provided on the Continue reading FUTURA Roll Bars

FUTURA BP chocky bars

FUTURA BP chocky bars are manufactured with 20% more wear material in the wear area and the welding plate than other standard bars. Hardness of the wear material is 700HB, hardness of the welding plate 250HB. Comprehensive range of chocky Continue reading FUTURA BP chocky bars


Incorporation of new mechanical WEAR RUNNER to the BP (Bucket Protection) FUTURA product range. The wear runner are compatible with Esco parts, as follows: FWR01A (compatible with KLR01MA) for assembly use base FWB01A and pin FWL01A FWR02A (compatible with KLR01MA) Continue reading FUTURA WEAR RUNNERS

FUTURA BP product range

Complete range of bucket protection parts for excavators up to 500 TN FUTURA BP (Bucket Protection) range includes the following parts: Weld-on Wear pads Roll bars Chocky bars Wear buttons Weld-on heel shrouds Mechanically attached heel shrouds Mechanically attached wear runners Continue reading FUTURA BP product range