Caterpillar 6040: FUTURA Parts at work

Technical details: Machine CAT 6040 | Mineral: IRON ORE FUTURA MINER parts: FM 920 RCX tooth FM1100-920 IA Intermediate Adapters FM1100-920 WC and FM1100 WC Wear caps FUTURA BUCKET PROTECTION parts: F160X450 LS, F160X450 LSLH and F160X450 LSRH Lip Shrouds Continue reading Caterpillar 6040: FUTURA Parts at work

FUTURA MINER size 950 teeth

There are four models of the FUTURA MINER range size FM950. Size FM950 is usually installed on the following machinery: HITACHI EX3500 and EX3500-3, TEREX RH120E, CATERPILLAR 5230 ME, 3560B and 6030, KOMATSU PC3000 and PC3000-6, DEMAG H285, LIEBHERR R994 Continue reading FUTURA MINER size 950 teeth

New Intermediate adapter WEAR CAPS

New Futura MINER Intermediate adapters wear caps. Three part numbers available (one for each intermediate adapter part number): FM1100-920 WC Assembles onto Intermediate adapter FM1100-920 IA FM1300-1120 WC Assembles onto Intermediate adapter FM1300-1120 IA FM1450-1220 WC Assembles onto Intermediate adapter FM1450-1220 IA Save

FUTURA Intermediate adapters

Futura Mining Intermediate adapter

New Futura MINER Intermediate adapters. Three part numbers available: FM1100-920 IA DRP Posilok® S110H92K DRP Posilok® Plus S110H92TK DRP Hensley® 390TS922 For mining adapters SIZE 1100 The Adapter nose will fit mining tooth size 920 FM1300-1120 IA DRP Posilok® S130H112K DRP Continue reading FUTURA Intermediate adapters


FUTURA MINER for machines up to 800 Tn. Examples: HITACHI EX3500, EX35000-3, EX3600, EX5500, EX5600 and EX8000; TEREX RH120E, RH170, RH340, RH360 and RH400; CATERPILLAR 630, 5230ME, 3560B, 6040, 5230B, 6060 and 6090FS; KOMATSU PC3000, PC3000-6, PC4000, PC4000, PC5500, PC5500-6 and PC8000; DEMAG H285, H285S, H485S and H48JS; LIEBHERR R994, R9250, R9400, R9350, R994B, R995, R9800 and R996 Continue reading FUTURA MINER parts