FUTURA FC2 Tooth type LONG

LONG DESIGN: General duty tip. Recommended for general applications. Suitable for excavators and loaders. FUTURA FC2 excavator/loader tooth STANDARD type, Direct Replacement Parts (DRP) for the Caterpillar J Series part numbers available: FC2-200 L (DRP for J Series tooth 1U-3202) Continue reading FUTURA FC2 Tooth type LONG


FUTURA FC2 excavator/loader tooth UNIVERSAL type, part numbers available: FC2-250 U (DRP for J Series tooth 1U-3252) FC2-300 U (DRP for J Series tooth 1U-3302) FC2-350 U (DRP for J Series tooth 1U-3352) FC2-450 U (DRP for J Series tooth 9W-8452) Other parts available: ROCK CHISEL tooth LONG tooth SYMMETRIC tooth TWING TIGER SHARP Continue reading FUTURA FC2 Tooth type UNIVERSAL

Proven performance

FUTURA tooth design significantly extend tooth wear life and maintains their sharpness without reducing tooth resistance Extended lateral and central ribs:  Maintain penetration shape, reinforce box strenght and protect pin Extra wear material on central and lateral ribs contribute to self-sharpening effect. Continue reading Proven performance