Caterpillar 6040: FUTURA Parts at work

Technical details: Machine CAT 6040 | Mineral: IRON ORE FUTURA MINER parts: FM 920 RCX tooth FM1100-920 IA Intermediate Adapters FM1100-920 WC and FM1100 WC Wear caps FUTURA BUCKET PROTECTION parts: F160X450 LS, F160X450 LSLH and F160X450 LSRH Lip Shrouds Continue reading Caterpillar 6040: FUTURA Parts at work

New Intermediate adapter WEAR CAPS

New Futura MINER Intermediate adapters wear caps. Three part numbers available (one for each intermediate adapter part number): FM1100-920 WC Assembles onto Intermediate adapter FM1100-920 IA FM1300-1120 WC Assembles onto Intermediate adapter FM1300-1120 IA FM1450-1220 WC Assembles onto Intermediate adapter FM1450-1220 IA Save